What are the best detangling products for natural hair? The answer isn’t as simple as you think.

by Dawn Myers on August 31, 2021

Sorry gals. There is no one product that’s going to solve all your hair detangling woes. Much like our financials or physical health, the answer to the age-old question about detangling isn’t as simple as a product recommendation: it’s understanding your hair’s structure and responding to its nuanced needs with a consistent routine that minimizes the time and effort required for detangling.  

The reality is, you could have the best new detangling brush for textured hair, but if your hair is unhealthy, dry, and lacking the right routine, you’re going to have your work cut out for you on wash day. If you want to get rid of tangled hair and ward off knots, you’ll need to develop the right routine for you and be consistent with maintenance and upkeep. 

The following:

Seal in Hydration on Wash Day. 

The best detangling starts on day one with a styling routine that is focused on hydration retention. Dry hair leads to friction, damage, knots, and tangles, and breakage. Maintaining hydrated hair from wash day to wash day makes detangling a cinch. The best way to achieve this is by sealing in hydration and moisture by using a light coat of an occlusive oil over top of your gel and cream products. We love castor oil for its power packed vitamin E profile and ability to keep hair juicy all week long. Try our Moisture boosting set featuring our world famous hyaluronic moisture booster and castor oil for curls that drip all week long. 

Have a Consistent Night Routine. 

You may be fast asleep at night, but if you don’t protect your hair, it will be busy losing moisture on your sheets and pillow covers. To keep your hair in place and minimize tangles, make sure to use satin or silk pillowcases and protect your hair by putting it in a silk lined turban or pineapple. 

Minimize Manipulation.

The next way to detangle hair is to never tangle it in the first place. Manipulating hair – twirling and playing with it between wash days – creates friction, dries it out, and makes it susceptible to fairy knots and tangles. Keep your hands out of your hair or suffer the consequences, ladies! 

Protective Styling.

If you can’t help playing in your hair throughout the week, leverage protective styling to lower manipulation. Not only will you keep your ends safe from friction and breakage, your wide tooth comb will sing your praises on wash day. 

Pre-wash Day Conditioning.

Pre-poo is a completely underestimated pre-wash day ritual. Pre-poos can give you a boost of healthy oils and emollients to increase slip in the shower, making detangling less of a buzz killer. Try THE MOST’s pre-poo before your wash day shower session and we promise you’ll never go back. 

Use the Right tools. 

Now that your hair is hydrated and healthy, your detangling session is sure to be a cinch! Take some time to learn the best tools to detangle your hair. 3C hair loves the kazmaljee Brush while 4C works well with a Denman. Universal brushes like Tangle Teaser and THE MOST’s Knot Your Average Detangler work well across hair types and are appropriate for use in or out of the shower. Be mindful of shedding, breakage, and time savings with each method until you find the tool that works best for you. 

The main takeaway is that detangling isn’t just about wash day. You have to develop healthy habits and a consistent approach. Good luck and tell us your detangling tips in the comments below!