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Women with textured hair - and women of color in particular - struggle to style and maintain their natural hair. It's a time consuming, complicated, and frustrating process for many consumers. Over the past decade we have seen a marked increase in availability of quality liquid products for curly and textured hair, but hair tools and appliances are still largely limited to straightening devices (flat irons, hot combs, curling irons, etc.). THE MOST Mint’s renewable-based styling system simplifies wash day and makes it easier to achieve curly, coily, and kinky hairstyles.

Culturally Informed Engineering

THE MOST has identified the biggest pain points in natural, textured hair styling and designed tools and appliances for fast, healthy styling of textured hair that fits your dynamic lifestyle.

How It Works

THE MOST Mint, detangles, applies product, and delivers conditioned
moisturizers to natural hair. THE Mint cuts the time and effort required to
style textured hair by simultaneously performing the process of detangling
and product application.

3 Simple Steps

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Insert A Mint Mini

Think of the Mint Minis like Keurig K-cups that distribute moisturizers, oils, and gels onto hair instead of coffee into cups. Fill with you own product—or purchase our pre-filled Mini's — and pop the Mini into The Mint.

Power Up Via USB

Powered by USB, The Mint gently warms hair product before applying the product to your hair. Designed to be ultra-safe for curls, The Mint has variable settings for normal hair styling as well as an elevated heat point for intensive conditioning & hot oil treatments.

Gently Detangle & Hydrate Your Curls

Gently run the bristles of the interchangeable brush heads through your curls to cut the time and effort required to detangle, condition, and style textured hair.

For us, by us

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You make THE MOST move. Proceeds from every order are applied to manufacturing costs and help us put new, innovative tech in your hands … and hair! Underrepresented entrepreneurs are all but excluded from manufacturing hardware because of prohibitive manufacturing pricing.

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How It Works

Once your purchase is confirmed, we will keep you informed as more orders roll in and we advance the production schedule. Please note: Immediate shipment will not be available and there is a possibility of changes and/or delays. Stick with us as we fight the good fight to cater to our community.

Mitigating Risk For Our Supporters

We are committed to protecting your investment. The proceeds of your purchase will be held until we have enough orders to proceed with manufacturing. If we are unable to produce your order for any reason, we will reimburse you the amount paid minus the amount charged in processing fees.

For more details view our terms and conditions. We can’t wait to have you on our squad!

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