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It's 2 days before THE MOST launches, and I'm up late, stressed, with my hair on fire trying to get everything done. Just around midnight, I receive a ping from my adult ballet facebook group wishing us all a HAPPY WORLD BALLET DAY! Now I'm torn -- sleep or ballet? I can't decide!

LOL JK, yes I can. Ballet wins. No questions asked.

For the uninitiated, World Ballet day is a 24 hour stream of footage from the World's most elite companies. It's incredible. Mere mortals rarely get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of of this insane world of jumps, turns, beauty, and pain, but WBD gives us novices a look at the impossible perfection of the ballet world.

What does this have to do with THE MOST? Ballet has been a HUGE part of my entrepreneurial development. It gives me a feeling of lightness and joy that I followed out of my hellish corporate career and into this crazy world of innovation and creation. It's kept me sane and centered throughout the rollercoaster ride. It's inspired me to push harder and revel in the details. It's increased my focus. It's imparted a growth mindset. It's kept me healthy and in shape. It's been my stress reliever. It's given me the poise and confidence to attack a really difficult problem and to take my seat at the entrepreneurial ecosystem table.

There are just so many parallels between ballet and entrepreneurship. They're both insanely difficult and require persistence, determination, consistency, and grit. I wouldn't be able to get through this life without class, my super supportive classmates, and my awesome instructors (shoutout to Washington Ballet and Aaron Jackson!).

I hope every entrepreneur, intrapreneur, professional, and human has something akin to ballet -- something to hold on to, something to strive for, something to balance and keep you amidst the chaos. I hope your thing, whatever it is, opens you up to and fills you with as much light and life as mine does for me.

Take a look at the World Ballet Day Live Stream at:

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